Exercises for Relaxation of Your Body and Mind

There are a host of exercises for relaxation you could try to help yourself shut off from the outside world. When life becomes stressful, taking part in certain exercises can help you focus your mind on something else. Why not try some of these exercises for relaxation next time you feel the anxieties of daily life begin to build up?

These relaxation exercises can be used regularly as part of your coping strategy for dealing with stress and anxiety. You can perform them wherever you are, without the need to buy expensive equipment, so take a look and see which suits you the best.

Exercises for Relaxation of the Body

When you become stressed, your body can tense up and your muscles tighten. This is uncomfortable and can add to the distress you are already facing. That is why body relaxation exercises are key to helping during these times. They ease the tension and relax the muscles.

In order to perform this exercise for relaxation, you need to sit or lie down somewhere where no one will disturb you. Either sit or lie with a straight back, and focus on a point in the distance. You could also close your eyes if you wish.

Clench your toes for a few seconds and then release them. Repeat this action and note the difference between the two different feelings. You could then try matching the clenching and unclenching to your breathing pattern. Tense up when breathing in. Release that breath when you unclench.

Work up your body from your toes, doing the same with your thighs, stomach, arms, hands and shoulders. When you have finished, take a moment before you attempt to move. Only get up again when you are ready. You can repeat these exercises for relaxation of the body if you still feel tight after the first wave up your body.


Ecotherapy activities are mental exercises for relaxation. Rather than concentrating on the body, they are a form of mindfulness that help you live in the present. The basic idea of ecotherapy involves being out and about in whatever green space you can find. It may be the countryside, the local park, your garden or anywhere else where you will find nature in all its glory.

When you reach your green space of choice, stop and take it all in. Think about the type of ground beneath your feet and how it feels when you walk on it. Breathe slowly and consider how you are holding yourself, how the air feels on your face, what sounds you can hear.

You can also try these ecotherapy exercises for relaxation just by opening your window if you can’t get out to a green space. Either way, simply performing these mindfulness tasks helps ease stress and anxiety.

Rhythmic Movement

Trying some rhythmic movement exercise can really help for both body and mind. Try these exercises for relaxation and you will soon see the benefits. Examples include running, walking, swimming and even dancing.

The body loosens up thanks to the exertion of these relaxation exercises and as you grow in fitness, you can often feel less stressed and more energised to face your tasks head on. Repetitive exercise is also great for your mind as it allows you to concentrate your thoughts on the repetition, taking you away from the stressful elements that have prevented you relaxing.

This is another form of mindfulness and is perfect for those who are active and want to combine mental and physical health benefits in one activity. Why not try one of these exercises for relaxation today?

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