Cooking With CBD Oil – 10 Foods to Try

Cooking with CBD oil can help you relax, relieve anxiety and stress, and sleep better. People have been cooking with cannabis for centuries across the world, and now there is a safe version available to use as a food supplement.

CBD oil can be used in a wide range of different recipes and here is a list of ten foods that work perfectly when cooking with CBD. Give them all a go and discover which of these delicious alternatives are your favourites! You will have plenty of fun experimenting with these many and varied suggestions.

Summer Salads

Trying a light and tasty summer salad with CBD oil is a perfect, simple suggestion for cooking with CBD. Simply throw together some rocket lettuce, watermelon, apricot, feta cheese, onion and mint. Then create the dressing, using honey, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and CBD oil to make the perfect relaxed sunny day meal.

Pesto and Pasta

Pesto and pasta is a classic combination and you can take it up a notch by adding CBD oil to the pesto. Whether you create the pesto from scratch or buy it in a jar, cooking with CBD oil as an addition to this meal works perfectly. You can also add in your own flourishes, such as prawns or chicken.


Guacamole is the king of dips and it is simple to make. Scoop some avocados into a bowl, add coriander, cumin, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, chillies, garlic, onion and CBD oil, bash it all together and you have a tasty and relaxing addition to your meal, or merely something to dip your tortilla chips into.


Meatballs are a hearty treat and should be one of the first foods to try with CBD oil. With the balls themselves crafted out of mince beef, onion, breadcrumbs and garlic, you can pour over a CBD oil-infused tomato-rich sauce to give everyone who eats it those special CBD benefits.


For an early morning opportunity to get your daily intake of CBD oil, bake your own granola. Make sure you add CBD oil to the oil you would normally use before you put it in the oven and your breakfast treat could help you towards a less anxious day.


There are also a host of other breakfast foods to try with CBD oil. Why not mix it into your porridge? You could also infuse your honey with CBD oil before swirling it into your piping hot bowl or oaty goodness on a morning.


Cookies are an ideal way to add CBD oil to your diet. Simply make the biscuits like you would usually, with butter, flour, egg, sugar, baking powder, vanilla, not forgetting the optional chocolate chips. At the point where you stir the egg yolk and vanilla into the creamy butter and sugar mix, also add in the CBD oil. Simple, effective and delicious.


If you are feeling even more adventurous when looking for sweet ways to add CBD oil into your diet, then step up your game and whip up a cheesecake. It doesn’t get much more delicious than this when it comes to food to try with CBD oil.


Everyone loves pizza, right? The great thing is that to add CBD oil to a pizza, you simply drizzle a little over the top once it is ready to serve. This means that it doesn’t matter which toppings you opt for, whether you make it yourself or cook it from frozen, you can enjoy the pizza you like with your CBD oil of choice. You don’t have to create something you are not keen on, just to add in the oil to your daily meals.


If it is versatility you are after, then butter is the way to do it. Infuse butter with CBD oil and you can use it for everything you use butter for. It can go on toast, in a baked potato, into a frying pan to cook eggs or mushrooms, and there are many other uses. This is one of the best ways to get CBD oil into your diet.

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